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Anniversary gift givingWelcome to Anniversary Ideas, your number one resource for celebrating any wedding anniversary.

We help guide you through the questions that need answering in order to have the best anniversary possible.

Questions all answered by us.

Once you have a good idea of the type of anniversary gifts you can purchase, we will show you the best gifts available on or off line for the anniversary theme you require.

If you are unsure;

  • what anniversary gifts are appropriate for the year being celebrated and what’s best give give your loved one
  • how to celebrate your anniversary;
  • what material is traditionally associated with the anniversary year you are celebrating.

Then let us help you. we’ve been doing this for many years ever since our first web site which was the pioneer for wedding anniversary resources on the world wide web.

Anniversary Gifts

From the 1st Wedding Anniversary through to the 100th year (yes someone has given the 100th a symbol!) we supply details of the traditional or modern symbol, flower and gemstone associated with each year.

anniversary gifts lined up imageWe’ve done a lot of the work for you by searching the internet to bring together some of the best and most unique anniversary gift ideas around. Now these are just not general gifts they are specific anniversary ideas that match either the traditional or contemporary symbol for the Wedding Anniversary you are celebrating.

Wedding Anniversaries : Find out what material is traditionally associated with each year. Anniversary Etiquette : Holding an Anniversary Party? we answer the popular questions on etiquette; how to celebrate, why celebrate, gift giving and other commonly asked questions. All Wedding Anniversary details If you are celebrating a year that is not in the traditional list then this page gives themes and symbols for ever year up to the 50th and then every 5th anniversary up to the 100th!