Wedding Anniversaries

On Wedding Anniversaries it is traditional to give a gift to your partner or couples that symbolize the particular anniversary, typically these are made of a different material for each wedding anniversary. Follow the links below for details on all Wedding Anniversaries and the material or symbol associated with them.

There are currently two main lists of material in common use these being called the traditional and modern (or contemporary) lists. If you want more details on how these lists came about then our history of anniversaries page gives further details.

Anniversaries that are not listed below are ignored in terms of a traditional symbol or material associated with the year however anniversaries up to the 50th do have a modern symbol and can be viewed via our Anniversary selector page.

1st Anniversary 2nd Anniversary 3rd Anniversary 4th Anniversary 5th Anniversary
6th Anniversary 7th Anniversary 8th Anniversary 9th Anniversary 10th Anniversary
11th Anniversary 12th Anniversary 13th Anniversary 14th Anniversary 15th Anniversary
20th Anniversary 25th Anniversary 30th Anniversary 35th Anniversary 40th Anniversary
45th Anniversary 50th Anniversary 55th Anniversary 60th Anniversary 70th Anniversary
75th Anniversary

There are also flowers and gemstones or precious metals associated with the majority of the years above and these are also listed. Where possible a link to an on line supplier is also given that can supply you with any of the gift ideas.

Never miss your Anniversary in the future. To receive an E-mail reminder of your Wedding Anniversary prior to the actual date giving you a gentle prod and providing you with details of what the material or symbol is for the year go to our Free Anniversary Reminder page.

Our gift ideas are constantly being updated and hence you should check back on a regular basis for new ideas and suggestions.

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Anniversary Answers

If you still have questions on how to celebrate or any other related issue then check out our question and answer pages or if that does not answer it then email us and we’ll see if we can help.

Wedding AnniversaryIdeas Home See what material is associated other wedding anniversaries, we found symbols for every year up to the fiftieth and every fifth year up to the 100th Anniversary. Surprisingly we’ve yet to find a couple celebrating this anniversary!

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Whilst we make every attempt to ensure the information provided is accurate errors do occur, if you notice one please let us know and we will correct it.